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What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?


So many things go into creating great images.  From the moment communications start with my client, the creativity begins.  It's in the getting to know people and in understanding what they are hoping to capture.  It's in part cultivating an environment that allows my clients to feel comfortable so that they can truly open up and enjoy their session time.  This is when true personalities shine through.  And it is in the editing process, Ansel Adams in one of my mentors.  He believed over half the magic happened in the dark room.  This is still true today.  There are so many wonderful ways an image can be transformed in post production.  I love every aspect of creating amazing images for my clients, from start to finish!  It's all in the details and in the moments and how they are all brought together!


What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project


First I like to ask how people found out about me.  Many of my clients are referrals and I want to be sure to always say thank you!  I then inquire as to the scope of work they are wanting services for.  With over 18 years professionally in the business I offer a wide variety of services and want to first pin down what their needs are.  Then we talk about dates, availability and scheduling details.  After that the fun begins as we start planning all the details to bring their vision to life!  


What do you love most about your job?


The people, my clients, whom I get to know pretty well.  Over the years some have become friends, it's pretty wonderful.  I just love people!  Whether I find myself sitting on the floor of my studio talking with a toddler about silly jokes or in a corporate office planning a staff group photo, I so enjoy working with people and getting to know them.  My number one goal in what I do is in understanding my clients objectives and exceeding them.  Additionally, I simply have a lifelong love and passion for art, and for me photography is art!  


What inspired you to start your own business?


I have always held a deep rooted passion for photography, for details and for making things beautiful!  When I was pregnant with my daughter I scheduled a pregnancy session with a studio near my home and within her first week returned for her newborn session.  There was so much emotion that went into those moments, and to this day I treasure and hold those images very dear to my heart!  I had always had a camera and had done on location sessions for friends and family, as well as landscapes and macro photography for myself.  During my pregnancy I started taking professional photography classes as I wanted to make sure I captured every moment and every stage of my daughters life!  And boy did I!  Professionally I had been an Interior Designer.  When my daughter started preschool, rather than going back into my field full time, I decided to open my first studio.  I wanted to give the same emotions of capturing special moments to my clients I had enjoyed in capturing my own.  Initially I specialized in Pregnancy and Newborn Sessions as well as Children's Portraits and Wedding Photography.  My work was very stylized, always in the studio and always with black and white film using a medium format camera.  It wasn’t until moving to The Gorge, with all of it’s stunning scenery and landscapes, that I started offering my clients on location sessions, props and color.  As with all things, my business has, and continues to, evolve.  Two years ago after planning multiple weddings for family, friends and even my own, I began offering wedding planning services.  This new addition to my business is deeply rooted in my love for Interior Design.  I love the details, I love planning, and I love making everything as beautiful and as perfect as it can possibly be.  My business allows me to enjoy all of the things I love the most!


New for 2019


This spring I will be opening my second studio specializing in my original roots, Pregnancy, Newborns & Toddlers.  The studio will be filled with props ranging from simply elegant options to colorful, vibrant and fun!  There will be tons of fabrics to implement, as well as lots of outfits for the little ones.  The new studio will offer a variety of special themed sessions from time to time so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and blog!


This year I will also be focusing on my Fine Art and will be adding a wide range of offerings in my store from Landscapes to Macro Photography to Abstracts for both home and corporate use.  I am so excited to see what 2019 brings!


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